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Subterfuge 16oz

Subterfuge 16oz

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As the rogue steps forward, the scent of smoke and leather permeates the air, carried by the supple armor and finely crafted tools they adorn. It speaks of countless encounters, silent prowls, and daring escapes. Yet, a subtle and enigmatic aroma lingers, a reminder of the rogue's proficiency in the darker arts—the faint trace of poison, a seductive blend of intoxicating sweetness and a mysterious herbal undertone.

Smells like leather, smoke, poison, and a sudden backstab

Elevate your RPG adventures with our exquisite tabletop gaming candles. Ignite the perfect ambiance, immerse yourself in the game, and forge a profound connection with your cherished gaming moments. Transform your tabletop sessions into unforgettable experiences.

Hand Poured Soy Wax Blend, with a crackling wood wick 16oz

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